It’s always fun when you get to bring your significant other to work. Annual Manual, 2010-2011



If you bank enough time reporting in the Garlic Capital of the World, your face is bound to end up on the official Gilroy Garlic Festival brochure. Represent.


Sigh. The daily grind. Annual Manual Magazine 2008-2009


 Getting stuck in a monster mud puddle en route to an assignment with my photographer and videographer. Thus, my argument that every journalist should be supplied with a company-owned Hummer. Or chariot of fire. Or flying dragon. Any of the above.


Stories with kids. Always fun.


Stories that involve skateboarding. Even more fun.


Representing the hometown newspaper by throwing bulbs of garlic at people during the 2011 Gilroy Garlic Festival. No one was injured. Luckily.



Participating on the media guest panel for Morgan Hill Leadership Media Day 2013.



Some days, you just need to bring your Boston Terrier to work.



Herbie. He’s kind of a big deal.

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