A sampling of recommendations and feedback saved throughout the years.


“When I list my proudest accomplishments at ZOZI, hiring Blair is always first. She was brought on to manage and edit the content for the company’s consumer marketplace, but her skills extend far beyond meticulous organization and the creation of sparkling copy. She also headed up the company’s social media efforts, growing our following by nearly 20% in under a year and increasing the number of website sessions from social by 14x—this despite a major strategy shift halfway through that period.

When she was asked to turn from B2C ecommerce content to B2B content marketing, the transition was so graceful that it was less of a pivot than a pirouette. Under her direction, the ZOZI Blog transformed from a lackluster collection of cookie cutter copy to a true resource for ZOZI’s merchants, with every article providing actionable ideas for improving their businesses. As a result, blog traffic rose by 40% during Blair’s tenure.

Blair is a rare find: an incredibly talented individual who’s also just plain fun to work with. While at ZOZI, she instituted a grassroots gathering on Friday afternoons that was astonishing both for becoming a regular event sans any official company support and for cutting across departmental lines to bring individuals throughout the company together to celebrate the week’s accomplishments. With her skill set and unsinkable attitude, any team would be lucky to have Blair. I know mine was.”

—Cyndy Willis-Chun, Senior Production Manager, ZOZI


“While working within the marketing department of ArcSoft, a camera technology company, Blair had this amazing ability to boil down incredibly complex topics into palatable, bite-sized nuggets of educative information. She also spear-headed large and pain-staking projects that possessed multiple entities all with finesse and ease. Additionally, Blair was the ray of sunshine on the team bringing laughter through hilarious antics. She clearly lives life with flair, laughter & hard work.”

—Rebecca Boorsma, Digital Marketing Specialist


“Blair is the rare combination of creativity and detail-orientation. She works very hard and is committed to getting things right. She’s passionate about life, and about her work, and is a dynamic and friendly presence in the workplace.”

—Mark Derry, Former Executive Editor of South Valley Newspapers


“Blair brings a unique perspective to everything she pursues. She seems to have her finger squarely on the pulse of the youth market, and always does her research before putting pen to paper. After reading Blair’s work I always come away not only educated and enlightened, but entertained as well. I look forward to reading her take on whatever subject she tackles.”

—William Whitney, Creative Director & Manager, Rogue Credit Union


“Blair, the person who will be replacing you on the “school beat” will have some big shoes to fill. As I am preparing to leave the school board position, I have a list of people I want to acknowledge, and you are definitely one of them. You did an exceptionally commendable job on an assignment which looks deceptively easy on the outside, but, in reality, is quite complex and requires a lot of background work before even typing a word.    You always handled yourself very professionally, and what you have described as a person asking an “endless barrage of questions,” I see as someone working to do the best job possible. Perhaps our paths will cross again someday…maybe even in Boston. In the meantime, keep up the good work and best of luck.”

—Rhoda Bress, longtime Board of Education trustee for the Gilroy Unified School District.


“Geoff and Liz Kishimoto tell me that Blair Tellers went above and beyond to bring order to a chaotic photo-sorting project for the Voices graduation tabs. Shaun Higgins was in my office today and happened to mention how impressed he’s been with Blair for her helpful role with a marketing project.”

—Gary Graham, Editor-in-Chief, The Spokesman-Review company newsletter


“Blair: Your voice sounds much older and very wise, so I decided the Review couldn’t afford you if you were THAT OLD. I looked you up. I think this is you. And I also think you are very kind to the public, which is so valuable to newspapers. I’ll let you know if I need to buy a jpeg, when I know. It’s amazing the people you meet, even distantly, on the road of life, with all its unexpected turns. Thank you for your help.”

—Nancy Darnell, Spokesman subscriber


“Wow, Blair, you really went all out and wrote a beautiful article!  So poetic, with such lovely descriptions it is sure to entice many newcomers to the studio… THANK YOU!  I am grateful and somewhat overwhelmed by your generosity of words and enthusiasm. I’m glad you caught the feeling of the old place and were able to describe why it’s such a superb place to be, to create, and to share with the wider community, too.”

—Jane Rekedal, local artist and ceramics instructor at Gavilan College in Gilroy


“What a wonderful, creative and enthusiastic article in the Inlander. Thank you! I thought your plot/character descriptions were wonderful. I appreciate your research and musical knowledge.  I’ve had much positive response.”

—Bill Graham, Executive Director of the Spokane Opera


“That was a perfectly delightful piece you worked up.  You caught the feeling for both the man and the work.  Thanks!  It was easy working with you. I appreciate it.”

—Ben Mitchell, Senior Curator for the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture


“I just read your article “Wine and Dime” in The Inlander and googled you. Is this the same you? I think so. I loved that article.”

—Lisa Gerber, reader


“Blair, My compliments on your comprehensive and clear presentation of a subject with many tentacles, made more impressive by the short time you’ve been on board. Good work.”

—Steve Staloch, former Senior Vice President & COO, Mainstreet Media Group


“Hey, when the Dispatch looks for features to submit for journalism awards, your culinary piece should top the list of candidates. It is that good. Have a great weekend.”

—Jack Foley, former Grant/Development Coordinator, Rebekah Children’s Services


“Thanks for the great read! Your deftly written story beautifully captures the heart and soul of that fascinating, one-of-a-kind, lovely and incredible Gracie Garcia!  She must surely be counted as one of Gilroy’s most valued citizens. Indeed, she’s a treasure.”

— Steve Yvaska, Dispatch subscriber


“I never had the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful article you did last year on the Walk for Health.  You really captured the essence of the meaning and did a great job in writing the core ideas.  You also enabled an opportunity for closure for me and my family.  For that I’m forever grateful.  Thank you.  I hope if there is ever an opportunity I can return the favor you will not hesitate to contact me.”

— Mario Escudero, former ASB president of Gavilan College

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