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Here is a sampling of stories written during the two years I spent as the education reporter for the Gilroy Dispatch, prior to becoming city editor: Is college debt keeping students away? With the average college graduate buried beneath $25,000 … Continue reading

Pop Culture

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The Pacific Northwest Inlander, May the forte be with you: Star Wars is so absolute, the films have a “Wookipedia.” Microsoft Word’s spell checker recognizes “Darth Vader.” And as of last year, the franchise has yielded what is quite possibly the best … Continue reading

Marvelous Magazine Clips

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CLICK HERE: Make It A Date Annual Manual 2010-2011 ***** CLICK HERE: Shop Outside The Box Annual Manual 2010-2011 ***** CLICK HERE: More fun clips from the Annual Manual 2010-2011 ***** CLICK HERE: Are You Afraid of the Park? Annual Manual 2011-2012

Delicious reads

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The Pacific Northwest Inlander, Wine and Dime:  Tight times call for frugal drinking. But abstain entirely? Let’s not get crazy. Switch to Franzia? Carlo Rossi? Yellow Tail? Sure, if you’re a resilient 21-year-old who can handle hangovers from boxed wines. Or don’t mind … Continue reading


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Gilroy Dispatch, Love story turned sour Left “numb” and reeling from the murder-suicide of a married couple found dead inside their Gilroy home, reflections from friends, family and neighbors depict Lynn Shimek as a “social butterfly;” mother of two; devoted friend, … Continue reading