About Blair

Former award-winning journalist and content manager with 10 years’ combined experience in B2B/B2C marketing, social media and journalism. Lover of lexicon, slayer of jargon. Specializing in strategic storytelling for all stages of the marketing funnel, and distilling technical concepts into concise benefits. Passionate about the roles content & social play in brand loyalty and the customer life cycle. Obsessed with best practices around reporting, analytics, optimizing for ROI and SEO, and proving why content and social matter! From customer success, to data-driven insights, to product news, to thought leadership, I excel at capturing it, packaging it, and bringing it to life. I was a storyteller before I became a marketer, and it gives my work a fresh, approachable edge in today’s content-saturated climate.


• Producing high-quality work in deadline-driven environments
• Distilling technical concepts into concise benefits
• Working cross-functionally with various departments
• Copywriting (B2B & B2C)
• SEO best practices
• Copyediting/proofreading
• Content strategy
• Social media management
• Digital marketing
• Project management
• Product launches
• Branding
• Organization
• AP Style



Originally from Cambria, CA


BA in Writing & Journalism from Whitworth University, ’08


My favorite green bookshelf…mostly filled with poetry books.

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