Here’s to your health

InHealthNW, Shoe thighs, don’t bother me

The camera zooms in on the bare back of a woman. She rolls around on a bed, slathered in satin sheets, wearing nothing but cut-off panties and a pair of Reebok EasyTone sneakers. A female narrator croons in the background, telling viewers that specialty Reebok footwear, with balance-ball-inspired technology, can generate up to 28 percent more of a workout for the butt, and up to 11 percent more for hamstrings and calves — giving you better legs and a better butt — with every step. Click here to read more.





InHealthNW, Keep your glow in the snow

Winter is nearly here. You’ve said goodbye to the sun, mojito drink specials, 90-degree days at the lake and, lastly, your tan. It’s not that milky complexions aren’t stunning — Nicole Kidman, Jack White and the vampires from Twilight seem to be doing just fine. But if you happen to be one of those people who feel more confident with just a slight (or obvious) tint of color, the options are as bright as a sunny day. Click here to read more.






InHealthNW, Life is Raw-Some

Raw foodism isn’t an idiosyncratic cult fad. It just sits on the extreme end of common sense, which says natural foods with fewer synthetic ingredients are better for you. Well, OK. Foodies aren’t going to forfeit taste without a fight, though. I, for one, like food that is cooked — waffles, tacos. And nobody wants to feel judged for eating a corn dog, much less a freshly boiled ear of summer-sweet corn. Click here to read more.






The Pacific Northwest Inlander, GEOL-LELLUIAH

Next time you feel like chucking a stapler at the back of your jerk boss’s head, bypass the lawsuit and consider sticking a piece of amethyst in your pocket. The purple-colored stone, purportedly, might help cool you down. At least for a while. “If you have a lot of anger, you can use amethyst,” says Charles Lightwalker, Spokane’s paramount gemstone healing practitioner. “Also you can use rose quartz — it helps release anger. Or snowfl ake obsidian.” Using rocks as a remedy for mental and physical ailments like intestinal issues or fear of public speaking may be off the beaten path, but the concept wasn’t born yesterday. Click here to read more.

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