For the love of features

Gilroy Dispatch, Case cracked: Mystery of the Mystery Machine

Perhaps you’ve witnessed it zipping around town – the psychedelic hubcaps; the groovy flash of chartreuse green, sky blue and tangelo orange; a driver who resembles a certain animated brainiac named Velma Dinkley. Did someone hijack an elaborate prop from a Hollywood movie set? Is it a phantasm from a hallowed cartoon of flower power yore?Are eccentric ghost hunters hot on the trail for the elusive specter of late cattle baron Henry Miller’s daughter, Sarah, who allegedly haunts Mount Madonna? Wonder no more. The mystery of the Mystery Machine has been solved. Zoinks!

Gilroy DispatchFleecing fancy

For R&R Ranch, LLC owners Richard and Robin Vasquez, heaven on earth is a cold beer, a lawn chair and a panoramic view of 140 fuzzy-faced creatures milling about the couple’s 20 acres of lush Gilroy farmland. Self described “paca-holics,” the Vasquezes have one of the largest holistic operations in the state of California, harvesting an average five pounds of fleece per alpaca once a year come shearing time and selling it to co-ops for $10 to $80 a pound.

The Pacific Northwest Inlander, Pedal Power

Frozen into position by a hydraulic starting gate, a row of bikers sat poised and ready on a 16-foot-high concrete hill, waiting to unleash their wheeled fury in a spirited dash to the finish line. Click here to read more.

Gilroy Dispatch, Renewed in the ashes

The day after their house, possessions and 50 acres of surrounding land dissipated to charred nothingness in the 2002 Croy Wildfire, Roy Guist awoke in a hotel bedroom alongside his wife Sue. “I guess we can’t get old,” he told her, good-humoredly. “We’ll be too busy.” Click here to read more.

Gilroy Dispatch, Claddagh’s success no stroke of luck

As a certain anonymous adage goes, “there are only two kinds of people in the world: The Irish, and those who wish they were.” Wherever the origins of that axiom hail, it panders to the reverence Americans hold for a certain holiday in March – the one that involves copious consumption of corned beef and cabbage, inordinate imbibing of Guinness beer and throngs of merrymakers stumbling about in green T-shirts that read, “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” Click here to read more.

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